Blogging Resources

If you have just started your blog, it can feel like you are completely lost. So many brand new bloggers have asked me "How do you do ..." or "What do you use for ..." Here is finally a resource list of my favorite websites that I use for my blog or to make/save money!Hello and Welcome to a great resource list straight from The Savvy Sagittarius!

I am always getting asked what I use for certain things! There aren’t a lot of things that I am willing to pay for, but I am finally creating list of the few that I have really found helpful since I started blogging. Blogging can be so hard because there are SOOO many resources out there to use.

I have wasted money on things that I definitely didn’t need to buy and I have bought courses that weren’t worth my money. My goal for other bloggers is to help create a process that doesn’t leave them super confused about what to use. In creating this list, I hope that other bloggers don’t have to feel like they are wasting their money to get to where they want to be with their blog!  I get asked all of the time what products I use for different things. Instead of getting continually asked, I thought I would create a list!

Maybe you haven’t started yet and you are trying to figure out if blogging is worth the investment! I sure love it, but if you don’t enjoy writing then it may not be for you! If anything, I strongly recommend Suzi’s “Start a Mom Blog” Course to decide if it is for you or not!

Here are just a few of my favorite online sources!


Blogging Resources:

My Host Site: I use SiteGround for my host site and I haven’t had any problems with them! Hosting is all of the background stuff that makes a website work, so you don’t have to worry about  They make it super easy to set up my website and my WordPress! Fantastic Customer Service! They have always been super helpful! If you need some advice on how to get your blog started check out my post on How To Start a WordPress Blog.   Or, just jump right into it by getting your Siteground hosting for less than $4 a month!

Tailwind: I LOVE this for busy weeks when I don’t have time to be on Pinterest every week! If you sign up through my link, you will get a free month of Tailwind! I love using Tailwind because I can schedule out all of my Pinterest pins for the entire week (or longer). This helps me get my posts pinned to different boards without trying to keep track of which board it has gone to and how many pins are in between. I usually pin a week at a time and then go back to update it with more of my posts as I post them! I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t have time to be on Pinterest 24/7 and this application saves my life!

Convertkit: I am working on putting together an e-mail list so you can subscribe and get every blog post, plus any updates about great sales and really anything else that I am running or things that I find as I am continuing to learn how to blog. Sign up for my e-mail list and never miss a blog post or update again right HERE!

PicMonkey: This is what I use to make all of my pictures for my blog! It is absolutely great and super easy to use! I have the paid version and it comes with a TON of great features! Very well worth the $47 a YEAR!

Saving Money Resources:

Groupon  This site has a ton of great deals for all of the things that you are probably already buying anyway. I bought my Sam’s Club Membership on Groupon and got a GREAT deal with it! I also got a great deal on a local place for kids to hang out and my little brother LOVED it.

Ibotta: This has become one of my favorite grocery apps and my favorite grocery store just got added to the list! It is great to add up a little cash for things you are buying anyway. A little cash back never hurt anyone! This is just one resource that I use to save money on groceries! The other day I actually got paid to buy something because Ibotta had a cash back of $1.25 and it was only $1!  If you sign up with my link or (Code: hbuwyq ), you will get $10 as a Welcome Bonus!

Un.debt it:  This is a great resource to use when making estimates on paying off your debt! I have used it many times while on my debt free journey and I absolutely love it! I love the Snowball Calculator because you can cross off every time you make a payment and see how many payments you are away from paying it off!

Wal-Mart Grocery Pick Up: This is one of my new favorite things. I hate going grocery shopping because the only time I have to do it is when everyone else is trying to go also. I started ordering my groceries online and picking them up in between jobs. No dealing with people. No impulse buying.

Earning Money:

InboxDollars: I love InboxDollars for their surveys and earning some extra cash. It is super easy to use. I use it for the surveys to earn a little bit of cash, but if you get the e-mails you can earn money back for every one you open! I usually just get on this for an hour a week to earn a little extra money. When I earn extra money from these sites, I get gift cards that I can then spend at Christmas instead of taking it out of my Christmas Budget!  If you sign up with my link today, you can get a $5 sign up bonus!

Swagbucks: This is probably one of my favorites right now. When you shop online, do surveys, take polls, and use your search engine, you get points back. These points turn into great gift cards! I use mine to pay for most of my Christmas! It’s never really a ton of points, but they sure do add up quick! I’ve earned $10 back in just a few weeks of playing around with it. I don’t ever spend more than 20 minutes at a time playing with it!  Sign up with Swagbucks through this link and they will match your first 300 SB in the first month!


Blogging Courses

Start a Mom Blog-Blog By Number: This is the first course that I took as a blogger. It really helped me figure out how to set everything up. Suzi gives tips on how to write a post that people want to read! She does a fantastic job making it super simple for any level of technology experience! The best part is, her course is SUPER affordable when you are just starting out! It is only $47 for the E-Book and Course, but you can also get a personal blog review for more. The $47 helped me really get on my feet as a blogger and I still refer back to her course if I have any questions! Absolutely worth every penny!  I strongly recommend getting started on your “Blog by Number” Course!

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing: Once you have dug a little deeper into the blog world, it’s time to start making money. To make money, sometimes you have to spend money! Taking this course changed the way I look at blogging! I am super excited to share Michelle’s course. She makes over $100,000 a MONTH blogging while her and her husband travels the world. She definitely knows what she is talking about. For $197, you learn everything there is to know about Affiliate Marketing and how bloggers make their money! I promise that if you implement her course into your blog, you will earn that money right back!



There are so many blogging tools out there that you could use to create a super successful blog. This list is just a few of my absolute favorites. As I find more favorites, I will be sure to keep you updated with them! Blogging doesn’t have to be expensive, but I set aside about $100-150  a month for blogging expenses.  As I have started earning money, I just invest the money straight back into my blog. I am hoping that by the end of the year, I can actually be able to make a little bit of profit from my blog!