30 Date Ideas For “I don’t Know, What do you want to do?”

I have written quite a few rants about dating as a millennial. It isn’t dating anymore, but it seems that I am not the only one who has this opinion. In the last few days, I have read a ton of articles about bringing back old dating styles. I have heard excuses about being broke and not knowing what to do. Dates don’t always require money, but they usually require leaving the house. I don’t know why it is so completely impossible for some guys to pick a place and just go. But it is probably just as impossible as saying “What do you want to do?” to a woman and getting an actual answer. There are so many possibilities that when asked, what is a woman supposed to say?  Some of these dates are super cheap and some of them could get a little pricey. A few of them would be good to watch for specials and have certain days that are cheaper than others! Not every couple will enjoy every one of these on the list, but there are a ton of ideas. I tried to keep most of the date ideas to things that don’t require a lot of advanced planning, but a few of them do. I know that I have done almost all of these at one point in my years of dating. Here are 30 date ideas for the next time your partner says “I don’t know.”