Everything About Elyse

I am absolutely in love with exploring new places and finding new hobbies. Traveling is one of my favorite things in the world!

Hey Everyone!!!

I am so excited about the start of my newest blog. I have had a few blogs in the past, but as I change, so has my writing and adventures. I am on the search for a life that makes me happy and writing about it along the way.

This is my third blog while attempting to really find something that I love. My first was very similar to this, but I was lacking a lot of knowledge and willingness to put forth the effort required. I knew absolutely nothing about the blogging world, and as I learned it became harder to change every single post. My second was a travel blog, which I absolutely loved, but I have found that that isn’t my main goal in life anymore. While I plan to do and write about a lot of my travels right here, it isn’t my main focus.

I fully claim being a millennial. (The good and the bad) I live in a world where selfies are life and they must be taken as often as possible on good hair and make-up days. And at the gym, because you didn’t go if your snapchat followers didn’t see it.

I am pretty financially savvy for someone who is 22 and working only one job. I make more money than I spend every month. I am not in school because I have absolutely no idea what it is that I want to do beyond writing, but I am working on figuring it all out.

I have recently discovered horoscopes and kind of fell in love with reading them every day. The more I read about Sagittarius the more that I know that I am one (even if they are trying to add another sign and it makes me “not a Sagittarius” anymore). It is very accurate on how my personality is developing as I become an adult.

My blog’s focus is finance, a form of minimalism that I haven’t quite figured out yet, and rocking the term millennial, even though some people use it as a bad name to call my generation.  I plan to write about my journey to get out of debt, to get rid of over half of my belongings, and really just all things that make me cringe about my generation. Relationships are kinda a joke for my generation. Either you married your high school sweetheart or you are wondering around super single.

My goal with my blog right now is to just love my writing, but I would love to have a band of millennials who don’t fit the social norm to follow me and enjoy my writing. By the end of next year, I hope to write my very first book and I would absolutely love to share it with my readers.

I am slightly addicted to Pinterest and the idea that someday I will own a house that looks like a magazine and I will be a world class baker/chef who only eats clean foods and works out three times a day, but I am realistic and I know that I love laying in bed with my roommate while we eat pizza straight out of the box and drink wine from plastic cups.

Oh yeah. My roommate is probably one of my absolute best friends in the entire world. We regularly eat junk food while giggling over the fact that we have no idea how to be adults and really just have no desire to be one. We successfully do our own laundry and the dishes get done eventually. We have successfully got the grocery-store-bag hording thing down (Thanks Mom and Dad!) But overall, we aren’t dead yet and I  have been living on my own for just about 4 years now (because I moved out about 3 days after I turned 18, even though I have the absolute best parents in the world. Silly 18 year old me thinking I knew what was best for me.)

I have humongous goals when it comes to life, but no real clue on what is going to come on the path to get there! I am currently 22 and I want to be living in a fully paid off house, while being 100% debt free by 25.

Here’s to not knowing how to “adult” and also making it a verb. To being able to work any technology but really having no idea how to work any house appliances. And to actually believing that I can build a successful life that doesn’t involve punching the clock every day from 9-5 for 50 years, and still retiring broke.