Join My No Spend Month Challenge!

Thanks for even CONSIDERING to join me on this No Spend Challenge!Have you ever tried a No Spend Challenge? Here is my own monthly challenge, with a few extra mini challenges included! Join to see where it will take your finances!

This means NO extra coffees. Coffee is cheaper at home anyway.

No eating out. Restaurants are a luxury.

No extra stops for snacks! Gas station snacks are ridiculously over priced.

No splurging on new clothes. My closet if super full!

No EXTRA Spending.

It might sound tough, but my goal is to pay off $2,000 or more in debt every month this year!

My bills will be paid. I have set $40 for gas per week and $100 for groceries total!

A No Spend Challenge is a great way to reset your finances and reevaluate what you are spending TOO much money on! I have done one other No Spend Month and it was great! I saved a TOON of money!!

If you don’t think you can do a full month, don’t let that stop you from signing up for the challenge, just use the tracker to see how many days you can not spend any money! Or maybe a full week is a good place to start with you! Maybe you just want to track to see how many days of the month you are actually spending extra money!

However long you decide to try it, just keep your head up!

With the No Spend Challenge, I plan on sending out additional challenges (such as earning an XX amount of extra money, cutting down farther on groceries, and a few other ideas!)

I hope you will join me and see what your can change about your finances!

Good goals for this challenge could be:

-(Re)building your emergency fund!

– Finishing the last of a debt that you have been working on.

– Making it your best month of paying off debt that you have had so far

– Simply enjoying the things that you already have at home instead of buying something new!

– Being better at planning ahead for your day.

Join The Savvy Sagittarius In a NO SPEND SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE!

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Whether your goal is to put money into savings or pay off a few of your debts, this challenge is a great way to get your holiday budget ready!