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13 Things to Do to Avoid Fast Food

Fast food is the hardest part of almost every budget. It is usually where I go over every month. Most of that is due to poor planning. Here are 13 Things that I do that make it easier to say no to fast food!

Fast food has become the meal plan where homemade meals once stood. Many families who once ate at the dinner table for every meal are finding themselves sitting in a fast food drive thru between school and soccer practice. Or maybe it is midnight and you still haven’t eaten anything, so the answer is to get food on the way home from work! I constantly struggle between not having enough time to cook and not having enough money to eat fast food every day. I refuse to eat out often, especially since I am trying to become a healthier me in the midst of My Debt Free Journey.¬†¬†While trying to live a rice, beans, and ramen lifestyle, I am also trying to lose weight and get my butt back into shape. It hasn’t been easy, let me tell you. Throughout my journey, I have found myself working out more (because it is something free to do). When I workout, I don’t want to eat fast food all of the time because it doesn’t make me feel great. I fuel my body with better foods when I can. One of the best things I have done is cut down on fast food. The drive thru very rarely means anything healthy and it usually adds up fast. Every time I talk to someone who is struggling with their budget, it usually boils down to spending too much money eating out, when money should be going elsewhere. If you spend even $5 a day on miscellaneous food, you could unknowingly be spending over $1,800 a year on it. That isn’t including the actual times when you eat out for special occasions or with other people. According to, Americans as a whole spend 384 million dollars a year on fast food alone. That seems absolutely outrageous! Here are 13 Tips to Start Avoiding Fast Food Like the Plague. Make the choice not to eat it Being intentional about anything can help you reach any goal whether it is physical, financial, or mental. Deciding that you just aren’t going to eat fast food is…

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