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2017 Debt Free Journey Report

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In 2017, I paid off over $15,000 in credit card payments, car payments, and student loans with just my income. I worked many hours and put about 50% of my income to my debts. Here is a summary of 2017 on my financial peace journey!

I didn’t do a specific December Debt Free Journey Report, but instead I am just summing up the whole year into one post.¬†What an absolutely crazy year for 2017. I have been sharing my story and working extremely hard to meet my goals. In case you missed any of my other debt free reports or my story, you can find them under my Debt Free Journey Reports.

At the beginning of 2017, I said that I wanted to be debt free by December 31st, 2017. Ha. Little did I know, I didn’t actually make enough money for that to happen. I would have had to live in my parent’s basement and not spend a single penny on anything, and then I would have still been off on my income.¬†Needless to say, I didn’t make my goal of being completely debt free. But I did accomplish a lot. In fact, I am not dwelling on the fact that I didn’t make my goal. Instead, celebrating all that I did.

In 2017, I..

Paid off $15,000 in debt

Debt January 1, 2017 December 31, 2017
Amazon Card $10.99 PAID JAN 17
Mary Kay Card $275.00 PAID JAN 17
Bank Credit Card $675.88 PAID JAN 17
Student Loan #1 $2,087.41 PAID APRIL 17
Jeep $2,500.00 PAID JULY 17
Student Loan #2 $3,550.00 PAID OCT 17
Student Loan #3 (PARENT PLUS) $11,634.62 $7,633
Student Loan #4 (PARENT PLUS) $13,218.78 $12,890

Completely Paid off my Jeep (2 1/2 years early).

Paid off all of the student loans in my name

Put a decent dent in the parent plus loans that are in my dad’s name.

Paid off 40% of total beginning debt.

Completed 2 No Spend Months.

Maintained a “Pantry Challenge” or an “empty fridge challenge” mindset for eating the groceries I already have.

Made 244 months of minimum payments. (Equals over 17 years of payments in 12 months)

Got a new temporary job working full time for the Nebraska National Guard

Moved into an apartment with my best friend.

Worked a billion hours (exaggeration, but it felt that way)


Without accuring any interest, it would still take me almost 19 years to pay off what I have remaining on my student loans. I don’t plan on it taking that long. 2018 is going to be my year of becoming debt free. I am extremely proud of the hard work that I put into my finances in 2017. My hope is that the “gazelle intensity” will continue throughout 2018 so I meet my goals of being debt free by the end of the year.

My 2018 Goals are:

  • 1 Blog Post Per Week
  • Debt Free 2018 ($20,500 remaining)
  • Fully Funded Emergency Fund ($5,000)
  • Start my “House Deposit” Fund
  • Track 100% of my spending
  • 270 or higher on my October PT Test
  • Reenlist in the Nebraska Army National Guard
  • Weigh 145 lbs by the end of the year
  • Make $1000 from my blog in 1 month
  • $175 per month from Mary Kay
  • Spend 2 or more hours with God per week!
  • Go on 1 or 2 (cash flowed) vacations.


As always, I have huge goals. Whatever this year brings, I hope for the best when it comes to my blog, but I will not stumble when it comes to my financial goals. I am changing my life now, so I can completely enjoy my life later. I have no clue what challenges 2018 will bring me, but I already know that they will be coming. The challenges will be welcomed and continue to make me better.


What do you do when you don’t have any house payments, car payments, credit card payments, or student loan payments?

Anything you want.


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  1. Hi! Found your blog this morning via Pinterest and spend most of my morning off reading your tales of financial freedom! I couldn’t find a link to send you a private message, but was wondering if you are ever looking for guest writers. I feel like so much of what you say resonates with me, my ideas, and my articles. Please contact me if you are interested in chatting more about this! Best of luck in 2018 achieving your goal!

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