How To Set Your Goals And Achieve Them too!

Have you ever set a goal and a few days into working on it, you completely forget about it. Here is my number one way of setting goals and achieving them too!!

Have you ever tried setting weight loss goals in the middle of September? It is almost impossible to stick to for some reason. All of the holidays are coming up. The great fluffy clothing is lurking around the corner so you don’t have to worry about wearing shorts or a swim suit any time soon. The “I have plenty of time before summer” excuse. But before you know it, without fail, summer comes and goes again the next year and you are still uncomfortable with your body. Maybe that isn’t you at all, but you can definitely relate that without a real reason why, it is hard to accomplish anything. Without setting yourself up for success, you don’t see a lot of progress on whatever you are working on.  Setting goals is the number one way to make sure that you are actually making progress in life instead of just floating along.  Maybe it was because you weren’t that committed. Or it could be that you made them and then didn’t look at them again until way after the goal date. Whatever it was, here are a few pointers to making sure you can meet you next set of goals!