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5 Rules To Make the Most of My No Spend Month!

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Feel like your budget is so far off track and don't know where to start? A No Spend Month may be the perfect reset that you have been needing!

Have you ever looked at your spending and questioned why you even needed certain things? Why do I spend so much money on food/ clothing/supplements/contacts or really just anything in general?

I have started looking at my budget and questioning whether I really need to spend money on some things. I don’t honestly buy clothing very often, but usually when I do it’s pretty costly.

Other bloggers plan for a no spend month to reset their budget and get back on track. So much reading has gone into the planning for this month, but I am excited.  I am currently planning a No Spend Month for April. April 2018 will actually be my 4th No Spend Month! I have had great success with them so far and I hope to keep chugging along!

It is exactly what it sounds like. I won’t be spending any money during April. My budget for April is going to be strictly bills, a little for some groceries and gas.  I am not planning to put any money in any of my “extra” funds.

During the month of April, I am working full time for the military as well as at Applebee’s 4 days a week. I am extremely excited about the money that will be coming in during the month of April so I decided that I wasn’t going to spend money on anything I didn’t need to. Having the military income will be such a nice addition, which makes it the perfect month to lock down and not spend any money. Usually, having this much extra income, I would be excited to be able to buy a few extra things that I have been wanting to get, but instead, I am going to really focus on sending every extra penny towards my debt payments!

As always, I have audacious goals.

My goal is to pay off a total of $3,000 in debt during the month of April. This is about 2 times what I have been paying off on a good month so far. I have been averaging about $1,200-2000 on good month so far. I am tremendously excited to see how much I actually pay off by not spending money. My overall goal is to completely get rid of my student loan and a good portion of my jeep loan. All of this is a part of my Debt Free Plan!

I wouldn’t say that I spend money frivolously, but I am really bad about eating out sometimes. Sometimes, I get into the habit of eating out and find myself doing it for a few meals a week sometimes.  I honestly think eating out is going to be the hardest part of the entire month because I am going to be busy. Also, when my friends want to do something, it usually involves eating out.

My goal is to keep blogging like I have been lately. I would like to earn my very first income from my blog during the month of April, even if it is only a dollar or two.


Here are my 5 rules for my No Spend Month:

1) Groceries

I share some of the groceries with my roommate and I enjoy eating fresh fruit.  It wouldn’t be fair to not buy anything for the entire month. My allotted amount is $100. Once that money is gone, I have to deal with what food I already have. I do plan to make sure that my cabinets are a little stocked up before April.  My extra stocking will not be going over on my budget for this month, but I still have a good amount left for the month of March. Also included in groceries is household items, because toilet paper and cleaning supplies are not something that I will go without.

2) Gas       

Gas is going to be a must since I am going to be working both jobs during the month of April. I don’t plan on spending a ton of extra gas since I won’t be driving all over town for as many errands. I am going to be conscious of how much I am driving. When I can, I plan to combine trips and pack bags for the different transitions between military and work.  I also just got a Sam’s Club Membership, so I will be able to get gas for a little cheaper, which will help tremendously in this area.

3) Medical

I don’t remember the last time I actually had a medical bill to pay, but I will never deny myself medical expenses if something were to come up. I have a little money set aside for medical expenses already, but this is something you can’t really predict. There is a good chance that I will need to purchase contacts this month, but I am going to scope out some deals on them and see what can find!

4) Car Maintenance

I don’t need an oil change or anything big, but just like medical, sometimes you just can’t predict when your vehicle is going to need something. I don’t plan on looking for things that I need for it, but I do plan to put a little bit of money away for maintenance just in case something does come up.

5) Eating Out (With a limit)

I know I am not perfect. I set a $45 budget for accidents. I have a lot of friends all over the place. It seems like every time I say that I am going to do a no spend, someone comes into town. While there are other options than eating out, I don’t mind having one or two meals in a month where I will give into the peer pressure.

6) Business expenses

I know I said there were only five, but I will not count business expenses as spend days because I am in the process of growing two small businesses. I hope to be frivolous with them and really watch what I am doing with my businesses, but if I feel like the purchase will be worth the growth, I will not stop myself from making a purchase.


My biggest obstacle is going to be explaining to people that I can’t go out. I don’t think I will get a lot of complaining, but it will take a little bit of explaining. I don’t expect them to pay either. It will test my will power and determination, but I am definitely going to stick with it. Motivation is going to be essential.


Who is with me on my No Spend Month Challenge? I would love to hear what your 5 rules would be! Or If you aren’t committed to a full month, would you try one week or maybe one pay period? Give it a shot!





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6 thoughts on “5 Rules To Make the Most of My No Spend Month!

    1. Thanks! I think it will be a good way to “reset” my budget and kind of start over! More to follow as I keep going with it.

  1. This is so Awesome! You’ve inspired me to also do a no spend April! I’m really looking foward to it. I’ll be coming back to you for support hehe 🙂

    1. There will be lots of support here! I have a few ideas coming your way! What is your goal with the extra money?

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